FLIPPED Review – a Secret to Earn hundreds of Dollars is Daily

FLIPPED Review – a Secret to Earn hundreds of Dollars is Daily

Official Site: https://bit.ly/2RpSQF4

Start looking for some products to promote. Check out the different places to look for
products and see what is launching. As you start finding some products to promote
based on the criteria mentioned above add them to your Affiliate Promotion Calendar.
Module 4 ­ How to get vendors to
approve you
How to get vendors to approve you to promote their
flipped review
When you are first starting out as an affiliate it's not as easy to get approved to promote
products. And this is simply because you don't have the stats yet that encourage
vendors to approve your request. When a vendor does deny you it's nothing personal
it's usually just them being safe and protecting their stats.
Now here is a mistake that is made by most new flipped review . They find a product that fits
the criteria that they want to promote. And then they log into either JVZoo or Warriorplus
account and request to promote the offer by clicking the button and go about their way.
The problem is the vendor is going to look and see if you have any stats and if you don't
they will most likely deny your flipped review to promote that product.







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