Commission HiJack Review – $2,500 From Free Traffic with No Effort

Commission HiJack Review – $2,500 From Free Traffic with No Effort

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This method is something I haven't came across any review site doing and I think
it is an amazing tactic for a review site.
This is a method I see a lot of top bloggers using but not review sites
A content locker is exactly what it sounds like. It's a tool that prevents people from
viewing certain content unless they perform a certain action. In this case you are usually
trading a social share in order to unlock the content.
You could add a special report or bonus to your reviews that requires people to share
your review in order to access it. Not only will this increase the traffic you get from
people sharing it but it will also have an SEO ranking impact. Win Win!
Here is an awesome free WordPress plugin that can help you lock content

There is a paid version of it but I have never used it. I have always used the content
locking abilities of the free version and works just fine.
Also, think about how many people will want to buy once they get your additional report
or content. This can be a powerful method and no one is using commission hijack review .
New product keywords are fairly easy to rank for
SEO is one of the passive methods of driving traffic that you will use over time. The cool
thing about writing reviews on new products is that the keywords are fairly easy to rank

for. You are typically competing with other products reviewers and the vendor and with
a little bit of work you can rank higher than most of them if not all of them.
Long term SEO
I also want to point out that as your commission hijack review grows it will gain more authority. The
amount of content you have will increase and the amount of links your site gets will
increase as well. Also as you grow your review site will start to get more and more
social shares and likes. All of which give you some nice SEO value.
Go through each of the traffic methods above and start formulating a plan to get traffic
to your review site. At first you will want to implement as many of these methods as
possible. As you start to get some results you can analyze your traffic sources to see
which ones are giving you the most traffic and commission hijack review . From there you
can fine tune your traffic strategy and focus on the methods that are providing the best


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